This is a fantastic exhibition – “A Body of Work … “

A Body of Work

The exhibition is part of a series planned to show the work which is already completed, but to also show works in progress, to increase understanding of and engagement with the creative process.

for more info see facebook/KIAC

This is an exciting group exhibition featuring established and emerging artists from across the UK responding to the human form and the often confusing gallery and public responses to the human form in art.

The human form has been a major part of art across the Western world since the Renaissance, but has often suffered from misunderstandings, prejudice and hypocritical attitudes. The work presented is a response to these attitudes and aims to challenge the preconceptions of what is and isn’t art.

The exhibition runs from 3rd July, with a public preview at 7pm until sunset, and then from 10 – 5 every day until 10th July.

The Gage gallery is an exciting new artspace in Sheffield dedicated to showing art which is new, contemporary and produced by local artists working in and around Sheffield and South Yorkshire.


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