I think this will be all the rage ….

The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

I received this very funny message that may have gone viral already.  🙂  If not, here it is for you.  (Please note that the email I received (7/19/12) – or at least its pictures – originated from www.nidokidos.org as noted at the bottom of each picture before I cropped them.)

By the way, if anyone has the patterns for what you see below, please share!

____________[the forwarded email, italics mine] ___________________

Given the  current climate re: concerns for computer and data security,  I suggest you take this message seriously.  This is for your own safety and security!

If your workplace has been assessed and determined to be at a low level of risk,  the following method (below) is recommended to ensure no one can see your passwords or what you’re typing.

For a moderate level of  risk, this method (below) ensures no one can see your passwords, what you’re typing, or…

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