Art: a public presence or a global commodity?

The last 3 single artist exhibitions I have seen – David Hockney (RA), Anish Kapoor (YSP) and Sarah Lucas (Henry Moore Institute) differ in their approaches in presenting exhibitions.

David Hockney stated that “all the work by the artists own hand”. He was heavily involved in the choosing and placing of his work.

On the other hand Anish Kapoor has never even been to the YSP, artist teckkies  are responsible for putting together his work.

Whilst Sarah Lucas, like Hockney, both visited and advised on her exhibition in Leeds. I say advised as the work shown is no longer hers. The Arts Council owns at least one piece, and have stipulated that she is no longer allowed to touch it!

At what point does the artist hand over responsibility for their exhibitions? is it entirely a personal choice? is it do do with ownership? or have famous artists gone global? Comments welcome.



I welcome any and all comment, words are the beginning of conversation.

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