Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things

Sarah Lucas is at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds.

What an adventure in feminist politics? or is it? Sarah Lucas together with Tracy Emin (Young British Artists)  offer works that challenge accepted gender politics. I wonder if  they are too easy to read, or possibly, post feminist.

However they certainly caused me to think.

Does thinking and interpreting images/art give them more power? Does it depend on your personal point of view. Am I more open to them as they are from working class backgrounds? Or have they just produced art to be controversial and therefore talked about, after all every women knows the inequalities of gender and that we no longer offer any real opposition, almost accepting the status quo.

An excellent exhibition, give it a view and generate your own questions, stimulate your thinking and allow reflection on just how far we have moved on? or not!


I welcome any and all comment, words are the beginning of conversation.

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