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Feminism On Friday

In the Ukraine, a country where females are victims of sexual trafficking and gender oppression, a new tribe of empowered women is emerging. Calling themselves the “Asgarda”, the women seek complete autonomy from men.

Residing in the Carpathian Mountains, the tribe is comprised of 150 women of varying ages, primarily students, led by 30 year-old Katerina Tarnouska.

Reviving the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology, the Asgarda train in martial arts,  and learn life skills and sciences in order to become ideal women.

Little physical documentation existed on the tribe, until recently, when renowned French photographer, Guillaume Herbaut, met the Asgarda back in 2004 in the midst of the Orange Revolution.

(Love the Idea but I worry about the ” ideal women” reference.  Amanda)



Feminism on Friday

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Feminism on Friday

An empty loom (but not for long)

An empty loom

I missed my weaving class this week due to a frozen shoulder!

Last week I was shown how to calculate and measure my warp threads, then wound them onto the warp frame.  I used two coloured threads to try a striped design. Sorry no pictures, may get them next week.

So, frozen shoulder notwithstanding (I’ve got two arms!) I thought I’d begin this procedure at home on my Kromski Harp, got this far and need help! I am using the same thread for the whole piece and am unsure how to proceed. Back to the net for assistance!

All help taken seriously thanks.

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