Preparation for Open Up …

Open Up Sheffield will be in May 2013. Saturday to Monday 4th to 6th and Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th.

I’m thinking of applying. but first sort the Studio again. It’s amazing just how often I have to tidy  and sort.

The Before:                                                                The After:

Studio February 2013

Studio 2013

Books moved to upstairs study … awaiting sorting.

Photos taken for the brochure and website


Representations of weaving; printing, acrylic image and fused glass lamp cover.



glass for lamp

Now just the application to write, timetable to finalise and the creative impetus to find, easy ….. (ish)


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  1. Posted by thatoldschoolgirl on February 27, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    wow, can you come organize my stuff lol


  2. Hi ,thank you for visiting my crafting in portugal blog . I am terribly disorganised with all my art and craft supplies , and yours look very neat to me ( even in the before photo) I tell myself that once I have the upstairs of my house sorted I will be able to be more organised , but deep down I am not sure if It will make that much differnce !
    I am curious about The “open up ” what is it ? and what are you applying for ?
    And gook luck with your exhibition , I love the fused glass especially.


    • Thanks for your interest. Open Up is an Open Studio Trail in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.
      Artists open their studios to show work, either completed, in progress or in the corner!
      My studio is a room on the ground floor of my house. Useful to go to when I am able.
      Sorting does throw up interesting challenges and also allows me to review saved but often forgotten items.


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