Class Art?

Have you ever been uncomfortable with your choices?

I have Big Time!

Eltham Palace

Although a working class lass from Yorkshire, I love Art Deco. I have never seen any Art Deco in a working class home, the concept itself is !!!! (choose your own words)

I indulged myself at Eltham Palace, positively an orgasmic experience (well almost).

A Marian Dorn Donegal carpet! I want one. it would need to be substantially smaller though.


A single bar on this fire would certainly not keep anyone warm (but the underfloor heating probably would).

The Great Hall

The mansion’s backdrop is a medieval royal palace from Tudor times, with magnificent Great Hall, the childhood home of Henry VIII.


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  1. I guess you do sometimes find touches of art deco in tenement type buildings at least my daughter’s student house in Glasgow has an art deco bannister on the staircase. I love your blog.


    • Yes you are right, some buildings and interiors are left. Although I think they were built by philanthropists.
      I hope your daughter enjoys/did enjoy Glasgow? I loved the city. Macintosh ruled (for a while anyway).


      • Yes she loved it and I did too. Especially the Hunterian gallery at the University. Though I have to say, as I am in a wheelchair that getting up to the School of Art building was scary!


  2. How gorgeous! Is interesting how minimal everything looks (more like Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work) than much of the Art Deco I’ve seen here in Chicago. Thanks for posting!


    • We don,t really live in a minimalist world do we? Too much stuff! Guilty as charged.


      • I have too much stuff too! But I was talking about a minimal aesthetic. The deco buildings here often have a lot of whimsical carvings on their facades, whereas the pictures you showed were all about using simple lines for decoration. So by minimal I meant not a lot of frilly details as opposed to the amount of stuff in the rooms.


        • Oh right! Most of the buildings in the UK that I’ve seen (I’ve never been to the States) offer a clean line, although the 1960’s concrete do the same. The sequel is not always as good.


  3. Posted by thatoldschoolgirl on March 1, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    no reason why you can’t do art deco in your home


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