The Bus Driver … and the gentle rant!

A conversation between the bus driver (BD)and me:

BD: we should not have to pay taxes, what I earn should be my own.

Me: what do you think our taxes are spent on?

BD: Benefits

Me: Do the buses pay for themselves then?

BD: WHAT! (somewhat exasperated at my apparent change of subject)

Me: Look at the fares taken, does this pay for your wages, the fuel, the cleaners, the mechanics, the admin staff, and of course the roads, street-lights ETC. ETC.

Me: If we all had to pay the true cost of things there would be no buses, you would be out of work and wishing we had a state to pay benefits.

BD: !!!!!!


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  1. Posted by Trish on March 20, 2013 at 12:56 pm



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