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  2. Allow me to add in a twist of irony. I’m living in South Korea and it’s quite an eye-opener nearly every day. I read in a newspaper that a mother, who owned her little grocery store, worked very hard to get her son to school. He son graduated and ended up working at one of the Corporations that was responsible for putting her out of business. Go figure.

    If only people knew that there is no money, only debt, then they might start to question some things. That stuff doesn’t get handed out to banks for free you know.


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    Indeed …


  4. While I agree with the statement you posted as a whole I do know that the exception to the rule exists -at least here in Canada. My daughter’s generation (early 30s) is working hard to bring about change by raising awareness across all generations. Individualism and social reform and the environment are of utmost importance.
    Could it have something to do with the way she was raised?


  5. This compelled me to comment…I’ve preached this very mantra to both of my adult children. It is utterly ridiculous how the kids here in the U.S. are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars and are saddled with paying off that debt for many years. My eldest will be graduating this December with a Bachelor’s degree in biology – he will only have a couple thousand dollars left of his loans to pay because he has worked a full-time job simultaneously while in school and paid for most of his schooling himself (with some help from me and my husband)….it’s been a struggle for him but if he had accepted all the money his college offered him, that balance would be many times that amount. He has thanked me many times for instilling in him TO WORK WHILE IN SCHOOL and pay as he went along. A good portion of his friends are heavily in debt. The kids here are fooled into using student loans for everything including rent, food, clothes and entertainment instead of working a job to pay for those things! They don’t realize that tomorrow will come and it has to be paid back!! Thanks so much for sharing this!


    • It really is scary that we have a generation who knows of no alternative to the capitalist system. When I was growing up I had a community that looked out for me, now individualism is the rule.


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