£53.00 a week, luxury!

Mr Duncan Smith, who married into a family of multi-millionaires, also insisted he could live on £53 a week – the amount given to a benefits claimant interviewed on the radio.

“If I had to, I would,” he said. “The reality is what we are trying to make certain is that the amount of money that taxpayers pay sees some value at the end of it in terms of people being supported.


Iain Duncan Smith, R-Sole!

The Work and Pensions Secretary said he could survive on £7.57 per day if he “had to”, as he defended a raft of cuts to welfare payments coming into force today.

Mr Duncan Smith’s current salary gives him £1,581.02 a week or £225 a day after tax. He would have to take a 97 per cent cut in his income if he were to live on the same sum as some benefit and tax credit claimants.

Labour has branded today the start of ‘Black April’ as a number of cuts and freezes in benefits are taking effect today.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, he said the Coalition is not “attacking or slashing” benefits claimants, but trying to reform the system to make it “fair”.However, Mr Duncan Smith criticised the language of his opponents who claim ministers are hurting the poor.

He also admitted the overall welfare bill will carry on rising.


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  1. Thank you for liking my blog and how true – it is a joke apart from the fact it is not funny at all!


    • I would have no trouble living on £53.00 per week if everyone had the same amount, the costs would be proportionate.
      AHHHHH socialism (nearly)


  2. Dear knittedfog, just wanted to say thanks for “liking” my “epic tesco complaint letter”! My first ever like! Nice post by the way. You know, I think there are lessons to be learnt from the Duncan Smith debarcle – Never trust a man with a double barrelled surname and a blue tie… in fact never trust a man with a blue tie full stop!


  3. Posted by The Femmetastic Feminist on April 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    We had a minister say a similar thing in Australia after the government cut payments to single parents. It is appalling.


  4. it’s easy to say you can if you don’t have to, isn’t it?


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