Discourse on Women 1850

Lucrecia Mott

Born Lucretia Coffin on January 3, 1793, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Lucretia Mott was a women’s rights activist, abolitionist, and religious reformer. Mott was strongly opposed to slavery and a supporter the American Anti-Slavery Society. She was dedicated to women’s rights, publishing her influential Discourse on Woman and founding Swarthmore College.

By 1821, Lucretia Mott became a Quaker minister, noted for her speaking abilities. Mott was strongly opposed to slavery, and advocated not buying the products of slave labour, (which prompted her husband, always her supporter, to get out of the cotton trade around 1830). She often found herself threatened with physical violence due to her radical views.

Inspired by http://www.modelwomen.wordpress.com


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