A Leibster Award!

I am very happy to announce that Sal-pal1 has nominated me for a Liebster award! According to her post, it is designed to highlight blogs with fewer than 200 followers – I’m at 192 at the moment so a (hopefully) a timely award.

Here’s the thing – I have to give you 11 facts about me.

1.) I live in a multicultural part of Sheffield and I love it.
2.) I have an energy depleting illness (no more denial)
3.) I eat healthily (mostly) and have my shopping delivered from Riverford Organics – this makes my life easier.
4.) I miss my old life – walking, climbing, teaching and well most of it actually.
5.) I have discovered art as a replacement to my old life.
6.) I have replaced reading with audio cds – a good move with not much loss.
7.) I love baking my own bread – nowadays with the help of a bread-maker.
8.) I enjoy the company of my friends – they are the best.
9.) I own a very inquisitive mind – reading other peoples blogs is a lifesaver.
10.) I feel very supported by my partner.
11.) She is the love of my life.

Thanks Sal-Pal1, 11 facts have exhausted me, interesting that I’m finding it hard to think of them. I’m definitely not shy, but the writing down of them seems very clinical!

Thanks again.


17 responses to this post.

  1. Well done! I really enjoy reading your blog and this is a well deserved reward. X


  2. You sound like you have a fairly happy life, in the midst of energy depletion…that is a gift. I liked reading your facts. Now I am curious what kind of art. 🙂


  3. Posted by The Femmetastic Feminist on April 19, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Congratulations!!! I also miss my pre chronic illness life, but I happy and have a supportive partner so I try and focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t. I also like audiobooks, with my tendonitis it is much easier.
    Good Luck!!!


  4. thanks for responding – I learned a lot about you. I am sorry to hear about the illness, I hope all that healthy eating, good bread, art and books improves things for you. A grocery store that delivers…wow… I live in the wrong country. Keep writing and sharing, I know I am not alone in loving this blog.


  5. Congratulations, and well deserved!


  6. Posted by sionedmair@gmail.com on April 17, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    You are a v talented artist & I hope you’ll be back exhibiting in the library v soon!


    • Thanks for the support, It was very timely.
      Together with the library we have organised a day yo discuss yarn-bombing Burngreave.
      I’ll post details ASAP.


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