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Another “Must See” at the Hepworth.

William Scott and Haroon Mirza, don’t miss it.

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The Daily Maligner!

I’d love to blog more art, but life gets in the way! The deliberate unfairness angers me, drains any spare energy I might have and curdles my thoughts – especially any creative ones. So in an effort to cut through it, I share it with you.

map of workshy

The Daily Mail has again been heavily criticised by disabled activists after publishing a “map of workshy Britain”, which highlights the towns and cities where the highest numbers of people have been found “fit for work”.

This is just the latest by the right-wing media to use Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures to suggest that all those disabled people being found fit for work are “workshy”.

But the Mail fails to point out any of the widely publicised flaws in the WCA:

  • It does not point out that only just over two per cent of former IB claimants who were found fit for work found jobs in the first year of the government’s new Work Programme.
  • It fails to state that large numbers of those being found fit for work are appealing those decisions, with many of them winning those appeals.
  • Debbie Jolly, a member of the steering group of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), said: “The so-called ‘workshy’ map published by the Mail is yet another attack on disabled people – it was one that was easily countered with the facts, yet it was also something designed to incite negative attitudes towards disabled people in a time of increasing disability hate crime.”
  • Nick Dilworth, said: “What is wrong about that article is it just looks at vilifying benefit claimants. How do they know they are workshy? That’s ridiculous.”

Sorry for my contribution to oil, gas and weapons.

Good for me? Really?

Good for me? Really?

Let’s look at Holland & Barrett. I occasionally buy from this health food supplier, where the staff are required to ask whether I’ve got my rewards card. I almost got round to validating my card online, but just took the trouble to check through the terms and conditions. At first I was pleased to read that my personal information would never be released to any company outside the Holland & Barrett group of companies for their marketing purposes.

It was only when I read the FAQs on another web page that I saw a similar statement, but this time referring to the NBTY Group. I did a bit of digging and found this to be an American health food corporation which bought Holland & Barrett in 1997.

As an afterthought I dug deeper and found that NBTY was bought in 2010 by the Carlyle Group, the third largest private equity firm in the world. Holland & Barrett is buried among its hydra-headed multiple investments; over $31 trillion of assets controlled by a company owned by a handful of partners.

  • John Pilger describes it as specialising in oil and gas pipelines and weapons.
  • Naomi Klein calls the group notoriously secretive. It profits from wars through high-level government connections.
  • Stakeholders and consultants have included John Major and George Bush Senior. 

Just to be clear, this is not a company you or I could buy shares in. It’s private equity. This is the epic world of the mega-rich. Strange that Holland & Barrett’s website doesn’t seem to even mention the holding company. I wonder if the staff in the shops know.

Profit-sucking multi-nationals leave us little more than minimum wages. James Wallbank of Sheffield’s Access Space centre coined the term ‘poverty mining’ to describe this process. Wealth is being hoovered out of communities with every pound spent. Meanwhile on the streets of Sheffield I am beginning to notice more and more people stooping to pick up lost coins and cigarette ends. Poverty is real, and it’s here.

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Fulfilling Friday



I’m sending this to procrastinators everywhere, (you know who you are) in the hope that something will be done without guilt!


The dangers of the Daily Mail

Capitalism Rocks (the world, sadly)

Capitalism Rocks (the world, sadly)

So, a capitalist demo in Manchester on May 9th, pity so few are out.

The real capitalists (the 10%, who own the 90%) have Zombie recruits – they really must be mentally ill!

The government of women!

well! shaming women into having their babies when they’re, I don’t know, aged 20-24 or something? It’s all about this: Get Britain Fertile. I wish I was kidding. Get Britain Fertile looks like it’s all sponsored by First Response (just in case you thought there wasn’t going to be a corporate angle) and it launches on the 3rd June. One of the ambassadors of the campaign (Kate Garraway) says: “I know careers and finances seem important but you only have a small fertility window. Get prepared first and make informed choices early”. Well said, Kate. She’s forgotten to mention, of course, that there will be no one to help you out with said finances when you can’t afford to feed the child you had to have in that fertility window. But that’s all under the carpet for now. (And, besides, it only applies to them, you know, them there lower class women who don’t count.) Let’s not even start on the pseudo-science upon which this campaign is based. There is no fertility panic. There is no population panic!

What there is, it seems, is a renewed attempt to get women back into the home to free up the workplace for men. Cameron et al have been pushing this for a while (see also the raft of austerity measures which have affected the employment of women to a much larger extent than men). This must be the next step.

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Happy Birthday

You know who you are …

one, and a shadow

one, and a shadow

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