DWP like to stop peoples money for no reason. There have been many cases of this nature in the past, many brought up in the house of commons and political debates. In one example someone had epilepsy and the DWP stopped their benefits. The claimant then got really ill and died due to stress which triggered an epileptic fit, only to have the DWP call his parents a week later and say sorry they had made a mistake and he was entitled to benefits. Ouch.

There are 1000′s of other examples I could use. These are not isolated incidents.

So yesterday…

Thirty Year old Iain Hodge commited suicide at a flat he had recently moved into with his fiance Viki who discovered his body early in the morning. The couple from East Kilbride had saved money aside to ‘ do up the flat’ once they moved in, but Iain had become distraught after battling with the benefits agency who had stopped his money for 10 weeks, despite him having a serious blood disorder which could affect his chance of working.

Iains father  said: “He and Vicki had just taken out a mortgage on a new flat, his illness was getting him down and he was involved in an ongoing battle with the Benefits Agency.

“He had not received any cash from them for 10 weeks, despite being signed off as unfit to work by the doctor. He was last seen by his GP just two weeks ago.

“Although he wasn’t a lad who cared about money, he worried about being dependent on others.

The thing here is that Doctors or GP’s diagnosis count for diddly squat down at the DWP. The Government have their own biased tests claimants are forced to endure, and most people found unfit to work from thier GP are found fit to work by ATOS, because ATOS  is a government funded agency and they have targets to meet. JSA is typically less than DLA which is now PIP, and the tests have been so vigorously rigged in the DWP’s favour under ‘ welfare reforms’ it can send some claimants lives into turmoil.


The issue of unfair ATOS assessments has been mentioned in the house of commons loads of times and a joke was even made about a tree being found fit for work by ATOS on Have I Got News For You. So far peoples cries of unfairness have been met with replies from Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey that the reforms are necessary and fair, and they are not cutting the budget but managing the cost at a lower level.

Last year thousands of people were reported to have committed suicide after being found fit for work when they simply weren’t.

There are many groups on Facebook highlighting the issue, including ATOS miracles and Nurses Against ATOS. As well as there being many videos on Youtube by claimants and reporters.


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  1. Same story in Ireland people dying due to stupidity and lack of care. The problem seems to be right across Europe. Right now if you want to be sick the best place to be sick in is France or the Nordic countries. Time for a revolution


  2. I’ve had my own arguments with DWP regarding their general incompentency… my claim for JSA went unpaid for weeks (until I managed to get hold of someone after weeks of chasing) because someone in the ESA department hadn’t closed down the claim properly. Could the person I was speaking to close the claim (click a button)? No, they were in the JSA team and couldn’t do it (even though it’s the same computer system.

    In that way I think a single administration of benefits, rather than being pushed from pillar to post. However, I think processing of the claims should be re-distributed back to local job centres where you can have a dedicated team of local people who are better placed to spot the very small number of those taking advantage of the system and who actually speak to the people making the claims and can see their situation either in the centres, or on home visits for those house-bound.

    I agree that medical diagnoses (which are hard enough to come by anyway) should be recognised by the DWP as the claimant’s proof of entitlement and it should be an assessment within that diagnosis as to the level of entitlement… but done locally, by independent medical professionals who are just paid on the number of assessments they do, rather than performance against the ‘benefit payment targets’ of the government.


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