Mend : Wash : Iron







Mend : Wash : Iron

What is this?                 A comment on marriage.

What inspired it?          The assumption that lesbian marriage will offer equality and that same sex legislation has improved lesbian relationships.

What was I thinking?    The traditions of marriage began with ownership and expectations. One of the contributions to married life being the servicing of the male by the female.


What to look for ...        Mend : The darning of socks and the mending of clothes have been subverted into the mending of bodies. Whilst covered in black, an open wound is being treated by acupuncture. But it could so easily be …

Wash : The washerwomen of clothes now plumbers and gas workers. Their path made difficult despite their ability, acceptance or law. Note the way the colours, kept separate, are still bleeding  into and onto the image; the uneven paint; and the extras placed in the way of the initial task.

Iron : These reclaimed 100 year old floor board nails, from a time when ironing was practised on shirts for Sunday Best only. This image offers the isolation of the irons, whilst in the midst of a bejewelled background. Is that really golden or is it rust?

Amanda J. Wells 2013.



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