The dangers of the Daily Mail

Capitalism Rocks (the world, sadly)

Capitalism Rocks (the world, sadly)

So, a capitalist demo in Manchester on May 9th, pity so few are out.

The real capitalists (the 10%, who own the 90%) have Zombie recruits – they really must be mentally ill!


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  1. Hey Knitted!

    Love the fact that you tagged this “mental health”! Ha!


  2. Why do you care about how much someone else owns? Does it keep you and others from earning more? In a true capitalistic model, the size of the pie (wealth) is not fixed. In fact Capitalism allows wealth to be created by people just like you. So why not be happy for others that are successful instead of being bitter and envious? I say good for those you call the 10% and may you be just as well blessed in the future. I think if you check your history, you will find that Capitalism has been the best system to allow mobility for the poor to become wealthy.


    • I think that if you check your history its the capitalists who have caused the most wars in the world – yes I’m including religions as capitalists. And you’re right capitalism does allow wealth to be created by people just like me, I work for then, earn a wage and pay it back to those same corporations for food and goods.
      I wonder if you’ve read any books about alternatives, or if you are informed purely by those who seek to keep you on the treadmill? Media Moguls etc.
      In a true capitalist model, there needs to be unemployment for the system to work – full employment would make it communism! – but even in this you then vilify those who cannot work!
      I would be glad to continue this discussion when you have read both “The Spirit Level” and “Ragged Trousered Philanthropist” but until then, please do not contact me.


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