The Daily Maligner!

I’d love to blog more art, but life gets in the way! The deliberate unfairness angers me, drains any spare energy I might have and curdles my thoughts – especially any creative ones. So in an effort to cut through it, I share it with you.

map of workshy

The Daily Mail has again been heavily criticised by disabled activists after publishing a “map of workshy Britain”, which highlights the towns and cities where the highest numbers of people have been found “fit for work”.

This is just the latest by the right-wing media to use Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures to suggest that all those disabled people being found fit for work are “workshy”.

But the Mail fails to point out any of the widely publicised flaws in the WCA:

  • It does not point out that only just over two per cent of former IB claimants who were found fit for work found jobs in the first year of the government’s new Work Programme.
  • It fails to state that large numbers of those being found fit for work are appealing those decisions, with many of them winning those appeals.
  • Debbie Jolly, a member of the steering group of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), said: “The so-called ‘workshy’ map published by the Mail is yet another attack on disabled people – it was one that was easily countered with the facts, yet it was also something designed to incite negative attitudes towards disabled people in a time of increasing disability hate crime.”
  • Nick Dilworth, said: “What is wrong about that article is it just looks at vilifying benefit claimants. How do they know they are workshy? That’s ridiculous.”

5 responses to this post.

  1. Birmingham is a nightmare for a disabled claimant. It makes me sad to see how it features here. Art is important for recovery from these feelings. My blog about felt is my recovery! But I am aware that it is escapist. Keep up what you do here. I like the focus you bring. Principally Felt


    • Thanks for your encouragement. Distraction and escapism is the only way to live with long term pain and disability. Art will keep us sane – don’t apologise for it!


  2. So the Brits and the Colonists aren’t so different after all! One of my friends has worked for years chasing down folks who continue on disability who should have been healed by now–difficult to help them find work when they’re truly not interested in same… For those who need it, it’s a blessing, but should be for that select few. Interesting reading!


    • In the UK we have less than 1% of the population who are defrauding the system, small percentage eh? But according to the media it’s more like 100% of those on benefits – the power of the press!
      I wonder then if all the people on disability should pay for the very few who cheat? After all we don’t even prosecute the politicians who cheat: claiming for two houses, their cat food, their mistresses and their car parking tickets!
      What happened to equality?


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