Waiting for a miracle

from “The website of Greater Manchester Welfare Rights Advisers Group”



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  1. Posted by swedenole13 on June 6, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    My late husband was on disability with terminal cancer, yet every few months or so he would have to fill out a form saying he was still not capable of returning to work! What is it about the word terminal “they” do not understand? Sort of like the grandmother with Alzheimer’s…..they will NOT get better! Why cannot someone come up with a formula or a form…..put a label on it indicating these people are not going to live much longer, never mind return to work???


    • It’s an unknown! but perhaps belief in people and what they say would go a long way. The proponents of this scheme are basing their disbelief of others on their what they would do in that situation – a poor reflection on political life!
      The UK has very VERY few people who would rather be ill and on benefits then be well and work.


  2. The dudes from Atos should be strung up from the nearest lampost


  3. I find this extremely offensive. Government should get its act together. They are there to do right by people, to make life more accessible, more enjoyable, and facilitate equality.

    This world is built for the majority with both arms and legs but that leaves others feeling like they are disabled. Yes, their living and existence is challenging but just because society has built the world and surroundings to accommodate others. If this world (buildings, stairs, computers, transportation) was built to consider everybody, then being physically challenged would be as normal as having all extremities.


  4. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and several years later went into assisted living and then a nursing home. She had a couple different insurance policies that covered the cost of the long-term care but they both insisted on annually “evaluating” her need for the care. So every 6 months to a year one of their evaluators would come by and ask her questions like if she knew her name and what the date was and various simple questions about the type of things Alzheimer’s patients lose track of pretty quickly. And they insisted on doing this every year, and asking every question again and again and again because my grandmother wouldn’t answer, for the last 2 or 3 years because she couldn’t really speak anymore, and they insisted they had to have an answer. My grandmother would get so agitated that she’d be glaring and hitting and trying to walk away and mumbling/occasionally yelling nonsense syllables at them, and they just wouldn’t quit until my aunt (who had to insist forcefully on being allowed to be in the sessions even after she was given power of attorney and legal guardianship of my grandmother) would all but throw them out the door. Because, you know, my grandma was faking not remembering her children’s names just so she could get free room and board in a place she desperately didn’t want to be. Disgusting


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