It’s clearly just coincidence …

… that these stories coincide with this governments agenda.

Last week’s Mirror carried the tragic story of Linda Wooton, who had a double heart and lung transplant but was found fit for work just nine days before she died.  Linda was on 10 prescription drugs a day, suffering high blood pressure, renal failure and regular blackouts.  Nevertheless, after a 20 minute Atos medical, a decision maker found Linda capable of work and stopped her ESA.

And, following the abolition of the discretionary social fund, councils have begun giving vouchers to people who find themselves in desperate need.  Which is how a 62 year old woman from the Isle of Wight came to be offered vouchers to buy a tent when she became homeless. Dawn Martin was not considered vulnerable enough to qualify for emergency housing of any kind and so was offered the opportunity to camp instead.

Meanwhile disabled people who don’t want to be reliant on food banks are being taught how to scavenge for free food in supermarket skips and dustbins . The workshops are being run in south Wales by members of the Disabled Activists Network Wales (DAN Cymru)



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  1. Posted by The Femmetastic Feminist on June 16, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    I am so shocked to read this!!! Australia will soon be facing a federal election in which the likely winner will be our Liberal (read conservative) party. This scares me. My heart goes out to those struggling in the face of such a unjust system and I feel grateful that, at least for me, the Australian welfare system has provided me with enough to comfortably live (well, as long as I live with family and don’t pay rent that is). For those who don’t have the support of family, it is very tough.


    • The UK seems to be going down the same root as the USA. It seems that if we are not working to make the rich richer, we are to be put in our place!


  2. We badly need decent advocacy to be available.


  3. The stories get worse by the day. Hopefully at some stage people will start to retaliate against these swine


  4. In an odd addition, some companies lock their rubbish inside the store and only allow it to be taken away by their designated drivers. As such, nobody can walk off with waste food for free. If there’s food that’s going to waste, give it to people in need for crying out loud! I worked for a high street bakery chain (not Greggs, but similar) and the management reserved the right to weigh our waste upon collection to make sure we weren’t lying about disposal methods!
    Also, it’d be nice if the government decided to treat disabled, elderly and poverty stricken people with a little bit of dignity and compassion.


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