Still under threat …

Women fleeing abusive relationships could be faced with the stark choice of sleeping on the streets or returning to a violent partner due to the benefit cap a leading charity has warned.


Meanwhile Lord Fraud’s dithering means that many women’s refuges and homelessness hostels may be forced to close when the benefit cap is introduced in July.  The cap on benefits, set at £500 a week for families, or £350 for single people, includes housing benefits which in some cases meet the cost of supported accommodation.

Last year  Women’s Aid issued a stark warning that this change could potentially close every single one of their refuge’s for those fleeing domestic violence.  Homelessness hostels are also under threat.  Hostels and refuges charge high rents to pay for the cost of support staff, with most supported housing having 24 hour staffing cover and specialist support workers

Astonishingly neither bungling Lord Fraud or Iain Duncan Smith appeared to know this.  In a panicky response the Government hastily u-turned, saying that the benefit cap would not apply to “supported exempt accommodation”.  Ministers also claimed that when Universal Credit is introduced, the system of Housing Benefits, administered by local authorities, would remain in place for this type of housing. 

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  1. How can this be? How can anyone sit by and be okay with this? Thanks for posting..


  2. Grrrr! Does anyone in the government actually know what its like in the real world? Before even mentioning changes all possible effects should be thoroughly researched and considered. The level of incompetence of the people who are running our country is frightening.


  3. Posted by swedenole13 on June 21, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    “They” should all have to experience the feelings of hurt, fear, anger, humiliation and hopelessness!!!!!! Then take them to the facilities and let them spend a couple of days there to understand how they work and what they mean to those who have ended up there and also learn why they sometimes fail. I fear things will get much worse, our society is on a huge spin and it’s off kilter! There is an analogy here, we are all under 24 hour care by the “so called elite” and top heavy governments and government administrators. WE are like the abused women and children and only WE can change what is happening. It can start by telling the personal stories and using social media…..perhaps this could be the beginning of this kind of conversation? I hope!


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