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A Selection of Especially Stupid Benefit Sanctions

Cruel, arbitrary and ridiculous reasons why people have their benefits stopped

  •  Your gran dies during the night. The next morning your partner calls the job centre and asks if you can come in the following day instead. The centre agrees, and you sign in the next day. Then you get a letter stating that you failed to sign in and would be sanctioned if you don’t reply within seven days. You reply, explaining the situation. The job centre gives you a six-week sanction for not replying. Source: Mari-claire M at Netmums
  • You get a job interview. It’s at the same time as your job centre appointment, so you reschedule the job centre. You attend your rearranged appointment and then get a letter saying your benefits will be stopped because going to a job interview isn’t a good enough reason to miss an appointment. Source: Daily Mail
  • You’ve signed in on time, been to interviews and applied for work. Your job centre advisor suggests you make a two-line change to your CV, which you do, but fail to give the updated CV to the job centre (you weren’t told you had to). You are sanctioned for four weeks. Source: nciaw36 at MoneySavingExpert
  • You work for 20 years and then miss a job centre appointment because you haven’t had the process clearly explained. You are sanctioned for 3 weeks. Source: Councillor John O’Shea
  • You get a job that starts in two weeks time. You don’t look for work while you are waiting for the job to start. You’re sanctioned. Source: The Guardian
  • You are forced to retire due to a heart condition, and you claim Employment and Support Allowance. During your assessment you have a heart attack. You are sanctioned for not completing your assessment. Source: Debbie Abrahams MP
  •  It’s Christmas Day and you don’t fill in your job search evidence form to show that you’ve looked for all the new jobs that are advertised on Christmas Day. You are sanctioned. Merry Christmas.  Source: Poverty Alliance
  • You are given a training appointment that clashes with your job centre appointment. The job centre is unwilling to rearrange its appointment and tells you to get a letter from the training organisation. The training organisation says it doesn’t provide letters. Source: Russell Brown MP
  • You apply for three jobs one week and three jobs the following Sunday and Monday. Because the job centre week starts on a Tuesday it treats this as applying for six jobs in one week and none the following week. You are sanctioned for 13 weeks for failing to apply for three jobs each week. Source: Pontefract and Castleford Express (via Benefit Tales)
  • You miss your job centre appointment due to the funeral of a close family relative. You are sanctioned. Source: Derek Twigg MP
  • You’ve been unemployed for seven months and are forced onto a workfare scheme in a shop miles away, but can’t afford to travel. You offer to work in a nearer branch but are refused and get sanctioned for not attending your placement. Source: Caroline Lucas MP
  • You miss your job centre appointment as it clashes with your work programme interview. You get sanctioned. Source: Citizens Advice Bureau

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Chinese Food 2

Thanks for your responses to my blog about chinese food. It seems that there is a consensus around MSG and salt content!

So a change of takeaway is required.

My friend says that because I eat a mostly natural diet, it may have affected me more. I am shocked by the health reports on a food that is “safe”.

Thanks again, what a wonderful community you are.


Chinese Food!

Does anyone know if Chinese food impacts on M.E sufferers?
I recently had a takeaway and felt off all night, resulting in more than usual sleeplessness?
All help appreciated.

Wealth Apartheid

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George Osborne chose a new housing development in London yesterday to give his speech on how the economy is ‘turning the corner’.

The chancellor said the development – One Commercial Street – was “a physical reminder” of what has been happening to the economy.

Well, he’s certainly right about that.

Because the cheapest private apartments for sale at One Commercial Street start at £750,000 with penthouse suites costing millions.

And the 70 units which have been sold to a housing association  – included because of Section 106 affordable housing requirements – will be in a separate part of the building and will have a completely separate entrance round the corner and well out of sight of the exclusive entrance used by the well-heeled, mainly foreign private tenants.

Yes – Osborne’s absolutely right about One Commercial Street being a physical reminder of the economy.

A rich minority living lives of luxury increasingly cut off from the majority struggling desperately to make ends meet – a direct result of Osborne’s economic policies of the past three years.

Atos Assessor sent depressed Gay man for cure!

He only got a warning for this?

The Committee directs that the following warning be attached to your registration:

‘In August 2012 you undertook an assessment of a man who reported a
history of depression and anxiety as a result of bullying and discrimination by
a previous employer in respect of his sexuality. He went on to tell you that he
felt at that time that he no longer wanted to be a gay man. After the
assessment you told him about a television programme about a previously
gay man who had wanted to change who now had nine children. You wrote
down the name of this person, gave it to him and suggested that he could
look up this information on the internet. You explained that the programme
had a Christian viewpoint and expressed your personal religious belief that
whenever you were unhappy with something in your life you found the best
person to help you was the one who made you. The man says that he left the
assessment feeling ‘humiliated.’


Invisible Illness Week

invisible illness week

I’m unsure whether this is just a US thing, but it’s been useful so I’m sharing.

10 Things about my Invisible illness:

  1. The invisible illness I have to live with is: M. E.
  2. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: Where to start? Being still and resting, loss of concentration and therefore my reading suffers, being out of control of my body temperature, dealing with low level pain constantly, not working, being unable to walk the hills in Derbyshire, that will do or this will sound like a moan list!
  3. Most people assume: That M.E. is just feeling tired.
  4. People would be surprised to know: That I’m never free of pain in one form or another.
  5. The hardest thing I’ve had to accept is:  Asking for help – whether to slow down, do something for me, just be quiet, or say no!
  6. Want to know a secret? One thing people say that gets under my skin is: “You are looking well”, when I’m really feeling like I’m working hard to be myself, and then I learnt to say “thank you” and move on. The inside does not match the outside!
  7. If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would: Breakfast in Hope, walk up Loose Hill, onto Mam Tor, down into Edale and have a pint in the pub!
  8. A benefit of my illness: Still working on this one!
  9. Really: Well, a raised interest in art.
  10. One thing I would not change: My partner and my friends.
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