Atos Assessor sent depressed Gay man for cure!

He only got a warning for this?

The Committee directs that the following warning be attached to your registration:

‘In August 2012 you undertook an assessment of a man who reported a
history of depression and anxiety as a result of bullying and discrimination by
a previous employer in respect of his sexuality. He went on to tell you that he
felt at that time that he no longer wanted to be a gay man. After the
assessment you told him about a television programme about a previously
gay man who had wanted to change who now had nine children. You wrote
down the name of this person, gave it to him and suggested that he could
look up this information on the internet. You explained that the programme
had a Christian viewpoint and expressed your personal religious belief that
whenever you were unhappy with something in your life you found the best
person to help you was the one who made you. The man says that he left the
assessment feeling ‘humiliated.’



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