Just a short weekend

A 17.5 hour course ,over 3 days, with meals and bed, how wrong could it go?

Northern College (I’ve been many times) shifted places in the landscape as I directed my good friend towards it! How the hell could I get lost? it’s almost a straight road!

This was followed by being unable to remember how to switch on a computer, how to follow a simple directive (3 times being told which button to press).

However I did manage to plug the camera in and download the images – yippee!


Then came the crash, about 2.30pm I couldn’t keep upright, keep my eyes open or remember how to get to my room.

Of the the 6 major issues with my M.E. (Fatigue, Sleep Dysfunction, Pain, Neurological and Cognitive Dysfunction, Neuroendocrine Manifestations and Immune Dysfunction) the fog and confusion hit without warning – again.The usual slow intake of information and processing, lack of short term memory, inability to focus vision and attention together with spacial and perception disturbance chose this weekend of all weekends to land, closely followed by a cold!

All this being said, I still enjoyed it, yes I slept (insomnia to hypersomnia in a minute) and rested loads, but I was supported by the tutor and the students and enjoyed the course.


16 responses to this post.

  1. could the cold have caused the sudden onset of fog? I am so sorry that you had a hard time, but it sounds like you still enjoyed yourself. Sleep much, feel better soon.


  2. So glad you had a supportive group see you through the weekend.


  3. Sometimes the only way is to risk the fatigue and push yourself and recover after. Well done.


  4. I don’t have the same conditions but the resulting effects are all too familiar!


  5. Aw fuck! ME sucks ass. I may have it, I may not, but I got a diagnosis of diabetes, which as you probably know has similar symptoms but they can “prove” it (not that I’m saying anyone with ME is faking, just that there’s currently no way to test for it). I’m sure you’ve tried all the things already, but for my 2 cents, try treating it as though it is diabetes. Find something, a hobby or similar that’ll really get you motivated to do something and just try to push through when you don’t feel upto it, obviously taking breaks when you need to, but I don’t need to tell you this as you probably already know.


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