What political “ism” is this?


A shocking proposal from a so-called expert at the Department of Health has suggested that people in work should be given priority for treatment in the NHS.

In a move which could hit pensioners, disabled people, lone parents and unemployed people, government advisor Dame Carol Black has said: “I personally think we should perhaps be more honest and debate more fully if we would prioritise such patients if it was a question of getting them back to work.” 

In other words if you are currently without a job, for any reason, then forget about accessing healthcare as you are pushed down to the bottom of NHS waiting lists.  Black’s comments even seem to suggest that the sicker you are, and the less likely to be able to go back to work, then the longer you might have to wait for NHS treatment.

Dame Carol Black made the comments – which were first reported on the Work, Savings and Benefits website – at the recent Health and Wellbeing 2014 conference.  She was joined at the conference by DWP chief medical adviser Dr Bill Gunnyeon who according to the website agreed that there is: “an issue about what priority we give to health related interventions for people of working age

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  1. Reblogged this on oopster74 and commented:
    I can totally understand the thinking here, prioritise people who contribute, and as a philosophical / theoretical debate it could be quite interesting, but absolutely no and no again. There’s actually an episode of Star Trek Voyager where this happens when the doctor get kidnapped into such a system, I won’t bore you with the details, but that showed the extremes that that kind of system could get to.

    I believe there’s only the medical people treating patients that can and should prioritise people for healthcare. It’s not something that should be down to simple numbers.


    • I believe that we are all entitled to all services. Prioritisation would not then be needed.
      Perhaps if the system worked for all equally, then as equals we would all contribute.


      • oh yeah totally, but there’s always going to be priorities. If I go into A&E with a stubbed toe for example, I wouldn’t expect the doctors and nurses to say to someone who’d had a heart attack to wait their turn while they dealt with me, that’s what I mean when I say priorities (my posts aren’t always the easiest to read I’ve noticed).


  2. Carol Black has gone way, way down in my estimation. She used to be my rheumatologist. Now her beliefs/suggestions/advice make me shudder. By the way, is it possible for you to add the Twitter icon to your share button? It would make it far easier on my fingers when wanting to tweet your posts!


    • I will ask for assistance on this, my Luddite background is still showing.
      Thanks for the repost.


      • I had to check myself because every time I make an adjustment on WP, I immediately forget how it was done! Go to Settings, go down & choose Sharing. On the page that appears, scroll down until you see Sharing Buttons. Under this will be a section called Enabled Services. Drag the icons of the services you want to include either to the right-hand where they’ll be hidden under the Share Button or to the left which means the buttons will show individually. Hope that helps!


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