Socialist Cycling

In the 1880s Robert Blatchford was a successful journalist for the Morning Chronicle newspaper. But his editor refused to allow him to write about Socialism and finally he walked out, declaring “You will not have Socialism in your paper – and I won’t write anything else”.

So, in rented offices on Manchester’s Corporation Street, Blatchford set to producing the first really accessible Socialist magazine, combining political articles and editorials with songs, poetry, short stories and illustrations.

On 12th December 1891, the first issue was released; it was a huge success and by 1908 the Clarion had a circulation of 80,000.

The paper encouraged not just a Socialist readership, but a Socialist way of life and off-shoot entertainment and activities soon appeared.

Clarion rambling societies, photo clubs and choral groups sprang up all over the country. There was also the Clarion Cafe which opened its doors in 1908 and lasted until about the 1930’s.

via Clarion Cycling Club.

via Socialist Cycling.


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  1. I’ve been technically unemployed since 2009, finding a way to make a living that isn’t really one. She’s right it’s perplexing and depressing, and often, there are no answers for the issues that come up, when what will solve them is money.

    People who haven’t been in this position, have no clue how hard it is. And I don’t even have children. I feel for her…


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