M.E. Awareness day


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  1. Posted by zedster66 on July 10, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    After 16 years of suffering and being told I had Basilar Artery Migraine, and being fobbed off by Neurologists and GPs (including a recent one who snapped that migraine sufferers don’t have symptoms every day when I told her about my daily symptoms; yet still got annoyed when I told her I was reluctant to try another anti-depressant migraine treatment when I asked for either a review of medication or my condition) I finally saw an understanding GP who referred me to an excellent neurologist at Salford, who listened instead of reading previous diagnoses and trying to foist yet more drugs on me. He referred me to the ME/CFS department and I’m now just waiting for an appointment with my local centre. They sent me a PDF leaflet about ME and I just sat and cried through the whole thing, the relief at realising there are people out there like me, who understand and don’t think I’m lazy and antisocial was huge. The words were ones I’ve used so many times to try to explain how going out affects me and how people judge. There may not be a cure or even very effective treatments, but when you are so isolated from everyone, realising you’re not alone is a huge relief.


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