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My name is Amanda and I am addicted to art. There that’s my confession.

I love looking at it, touching it,creating it and talking about it, so please feel free to comment on anything you see in these blogs.

I am also a socialist, lesbian feminist – no confession needed! These values inform my life and have done since I was able to understand that “equal doesn’t mean the same” – don’t get me started on gay marriage!




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  1. Posted by Miss Soul on June 17, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Amanda, your blog is amazing, truthful and on point. Thank you for writing things as they are, that’s what we need. I’ll be back frequently for more reading.


  2. Interesting stuff – thanx for posting!


  3. I’m preparing for a weekend teaching a spinning workshop here, and my “spoons” are getting used up too quickly to complete the morning’s tasks, never mind the rest… Is there a way to “replace spoons” during the day? Like an hour reading a good book and watching birds, for example? “Fog” is a good descriptor for my mind right now!


    • Sadly Judy, I think it’s almost impossible to save energy before it’s needed. Perhaps planning your workshop with lots of quiet time for the spinners to get to grips (Paulo Friere) or offering only the basics and letting them learn from that ( student centred learning).
      You just try to enjoy it.


  4. Posted by ladyflowersbysusan on May 2, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    I’ve just nominated you for the Super Sweet Award. I know you don’t think of yourself that way, but that’s the name of the Award. I nominated you for your empathy towards others, especially those who cannot speak for themselves.



    • Thanks for this, you’re right I don’t think of myself as sweet. I do however think of myself as speaking for all who have small or no voice.
      Thanks Again.


  5. What a great blog! I will definitely be back!


  6. Posted by sandra dorey on April 15, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    lovely when visitors leave a ‘like’ – thank you!


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  8. Great blog and love your Gravatar handle! I will be back!


    • Thanks for visiting, I am always pleasantly surprised when anyone visits my site and then takes time to respond.
      Enjoy the coming spring.


  9. thanks for stopping by my blog – roamed around yours a bit, and think it is a great combination of things I care about, so I will be following you!


  10. I love the title knitted fog, it makes so much sense. Lots of great stuff here. Thanks for the visit to dragonshades.


  11. Great blog! I love the combination of fibre and feminism.


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