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Brassed Off!


What a wonderful night! I cried all through the second set,( not easy when full of cold) sent me straight back to the strike.

Seemed very fitting for the 30th (Yes 30th) anniversary of this event.

Thanks to Julia and Sue for a wonderful present, even though it was not my birthday.


Wheeling around the Yorkshire Sculpture park.

Yesterday we visited the YSP to view Yinka Shonibares exhibition – FABRIC-ATION.

ysp shonibareThe work was fantastic, as is all his work, colourful, thought provoking and  pertinent.

imagesI did struggle at first with the different view point – as it was the first time ever I’d been round an exhibition in a wheelchair, (legs very much not doing what I asked of them) – but rallied quickly after realising that 90% did not require looking up (neck joint in sympathy with the legs).

I’ve had two weeks of pain and exhaustion but this exhibition was inspiring. I have not touched any art or craft work since the beginning of the summer but am feeling that there is a bit of space in my head for creativity. Wouldn’t some of his fabrics look good in glass?

FABTIC-ATION ends on September the 1st, don’t miss it.

Another “Must See” at the Hepworth.

William Scott and Haroon Mirza, don’t miss it.

w scott   Haroon Mirza

Loosing the will to warp!

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Loosing the will to warp. (quote by SB.)

Loosing the will to warp. (quote by SB.)

Mend : Wash : Iron







Mend : Wash : Iron

What is this?                 A comment on marriage.

What inspired it?          The assumption that lesbian marriage will offer equality and that same sex legislation has improved lesbian relationships.

What was I thinking?    The traditions of marriage began with ownership and expectations. One of the contributions to married life being the servicing of the male by the female.


What to look for ...        Mend : The darning of socks and the mending of clothes have been subverted into the mending of bodies. Whilst covered in black, an open wound is being treated by acupuncture. But it could so easily be …

Wash : The washerwomen of clothes now plumbers and gas workers. Their path made difficult despite their ability, acceptance or law. Note the way the colours, kept separate, are still bleeding  into and onto the image; the uneven paint; and the extras placed in the way of the initial task.

Iron : These reclaimed 100 year old floor board nails, from a time when ironing was practised on shirts for Sunday Best only. This image offers the isolation of the irons, whilst in the midst of a bejewelled background. Is that really golden or is it rust?

Amanda J. Wells 2013.


Petition to stop the government reclassifying craft as non-creative

 Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

We request the Government reconsider the proposal that craft no longer be considered part of the creative industries, as part of the 30 April proposed changes set out in Classifying and Measuring the Creative Industries consultation paper.
The craft industry and those who work in it, over 88,000 people making a £3bn annual contribution to the UK economy, are inherently and by their very nature creative. We want the UK Government to stop ignoring The Crafts Council and the thousands of mostly sole trading craftsmen and women who consider themselves to be and indeed are creatives.
The Government should be proud & supportive of our vibrant creative craft industry & celebrate the unique, rich diversity of skills & craftsmanship, not seek to declassify, dismiss & undermine it.
Calling an IT Business Analyst a creative but refusing the title to a skilled potter or ceramicist shows the level of understanding that those proposing the change have of what is and isn’t creative. 
click to open and sign please pass on.


Open Up: first weekend

IMG_2718      The above, slightly out of focus, image shows a facet of my studio during Open Up in Sheffield.

Not many visitors this weekend but I don’t blame them for enjoying the first of the sunshine.

The visitors that I’ve had have shown lots of interest and have spent time talking about the art – this has been fabulous. As a lone worker it is always great to discuss reasons, applications etc. Most have had a go at weaving, either on the rigid heddle loom or making Mexican stars (children only, so far).

Still, I’m opening on Sunday the 12th, who knows what will happen then?

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