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Hallamshire & District Guild of Weavers, Spinners and

Hallamshire & District Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers were displaying their marvellous talents yesterday at the Wintergardens as part of a crafts week celebration.

This video contains a great interview and loads of illustrative footage from the event …

please see for a fantastic video of the Guild.


Open Up: first weekend

IMG_2718      The above, slightly out of focus, image shows a facet of my studio during Open Up in Sheffield.

Not many visitors this weekend but I don’t blame them for enjoying the first of the sunshine.

The visitors that I’ve had have shown lots of interest and have spent time talking about the art – this has been fabulous. As a lone worker it is always great to discuss reasons, applications etc. Most have had a go at weaving, either on the rigid heddle loom or making Mexican stars (children only, so far).

Still, I’m opening on Sunday the 12th, who knows what will happen then?

Open Up – It’s here!

weaving section

So soon upon us, even with months to prepare I’m still not ready! But cakes will be made, tea and coffee will be served, art is on show and weaving will be accessible for visitors to have a go.

Come and try Mexican weaving, a circular weave, a rigid heddle, a simple card weave or just enjoy the browse, free of charge with or without conversation.

If you are in or near Sheffield you will be made most welcome.

We will be open 11am to 4pm on Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May. Also 11am to 4pm on Sunday 12th May.

Open Studios, Sheffield

Studio desk Jan2011

Open studios in Sheffield will be the delight of the May bank Holiday.

Please look at the website for further information:

information about me can be found here: 

Class Art?

Have you ever been uncomfortable with your choices?

I have Big Time!

Eltham Palace

Although a working class lass from Yorkshire, I love Art Deco. I have never seen any Art Deco in a working class home, the concept itself is !!!! (choose your own words)

I indulged myself at Eltham Palace, positively an orgasmic experience (well almost).

A Marian Dorn Donegal carpet! I want one. it would need to be substantially smaller though.


A single bar on this fire would certainly not keep anyone warm (but the underfloor heating probably would).

The Great Hall

The mansion’s backdrop is a medieval royal palace from Tudor times, with magnificent Great Hall, the childhood home of Henry VIII.

Learning to Spin …

Just booked an introduction to spinning course with Helen Neale   at Sue Lancaster’s studio in Sheffield.

Really looking forward to it.

Helen is such a practised tutor, knowledgeable and patient at the same time – just what I need.

Spindle for yarn

A Weavers Day

Had a wonderful day on Saturday at the Hallamshire WS&D Guild. Wonderful company, always welcoming and they make me feel glad I made the effort. I really hated missing last month.

This month we had two talks from members. A visit to Ghana and the National WS&D exhibition in July 2012.

Traditionally this weaving is done in strips which are then sewn together.

Notice that each strip includes both warp and weft faced sections – Fantastic!

Woven in Ghana    Women do the weaving and men sew the strips together- I suggested that this was because sewing was the easiest job, however the consensus was that it’s because it involved machines.

What do you think?

Next we viewed photos of the National WS&D exhibition. What a wealth of talent and a hive of activity. Wonderful images and interesting stories.

Another month until the next … Oh well!!!!!

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