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Fulfilling Friday



I’m sending this to procrastinators everywhere, (you know who you are) in the hope that something will be done without guilt!



A Leibster Award!

I am very happy to announce that Sal-pal1 has nominated me for a Liebster award! According to her post, it is designed to highlight blogs with fewer than 200 followers – I’m at 192 at the moment so a (hopefully) a timely award.

Here’s the thing – I have to give you 11 facts about me.

1.) I live in a multicultural part of Sheffield and I love it.
2.) I have an energy depleting illness (no more denial)
3.) I eat healthily (mostly) and have my shopping delivered from Riverford Organics – this makes my life easier.
4.) I miss my old life – walking, climbing, teaching and well most of it actually.
5.) I have discovered art as a replacement to my old life.
6.) I have replaced reading with audio cds – a good move with not much loss.
7.) I love baking my own bread – nowadays with the help of a bread-maker.
8.) I enjoy the company of my friends – they are the best.
9.) I own a very inquisitive mind – reading other peoples blogs is a lifesaver.
10.) I feel very supported by my partner.
11.) She is the love of my life.

Thanks Sal-Pal1, 11 facts have exhausted me, interesting that I’m finding it hard to think of them. I’m definitely not shy, but the writing down of them seems very clinical!

Thanks again.

Anyone seen Pete?

holy crap

Could you be a FEMINIST?

You could be experiencing feminism, a condition consisting of a shift in social thinking. It affects men and women equally. Talk to your doctor if you exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You believe that men and women can serve equally important roles in society.
  • You believe in gender equality while minimizing gender differences rather than maximizing them.
  • You see women as more than baby machines and laundresses and men as more than bank accounts.
  • You are inclined to to think the biological differences between men and women are minimal.
  • You recognize there is no “ideal” woman or “ideal” man and that each person is his or her own ideal.
  • You want school-age girls to participate in math or science.
  • You see nothing wrong with Girl Scouts doing the things Boy Scouts do and vice versa.
  • You think women are free to use birth control and be in control of their relationships.
  • You think men and women equally should be free to choose a career or a family or both without assigning specific roles to either

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Not Really Yarn Bombing

Concrete Graffiti

There’s just too much concrete graffiti around here ….

Spinster for a day

A spinster is a women who spins to make her bottom drawer, well I’m just spinning on my bottom!

top spindle

I attended a class on spinning run by Helen Neale, I had a thoroughly good time. We learned how to card, when to comb, how to use a spindle, lusted after some of them (see Turkish spindle below) used a wheel and plied!


I found I’m getting better on a spindle …

Turkish Spindle

but the wheel was torture for me – however others seemed to get it going from the start.

Perhaps this is a good as I will not hanker after one.

The activities applied in spinning can be practised in small sections ideal for me when I have only a few minutes of energy. Nothing is lost if the action is interrupted.

Helens next course is on Natural Dyes.

contact Helen at :


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